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Richmond CANstruction 2019

This year Eagle Construction of VA, Eagle Commercial Construction and archi-TEC-tonic worked together to recreate Historic St. John's Church for CANstruction, an annual competition in which architects, engineers, designers and contractors build themed structures using nonperishable food items. After deCANstruction on August 24th, all food will be donated to Feed More.

Dr. Nathan Blinn, director of archi-TEC-tonic, chose Historic St. John's Church to fit 2019's theme of Virginia Historic Places. The church was laser scanned to create a model and plans for CANstruction, and the data from the scans was donated to the Historic St. John's Church Foundation to aid in their preservation and restoration work.


Delivery Day 

Pre-CANstruction Team

  • Rowan Blalock-Bassett

  • Cassidy Brown

  • Madi Joyner

  • Caroline Montgomery

  • Mason Patrick

  • Clara Thompson

  • Skandha Upadhyay

Food items were picked up and brought to the Virginia Museum of History and Culture on August 9th. Nathan Blinn, Andrea Blinn, Doug Hilemn, Dominic DiNicola, Greg Garrison, Melissa Peay and Clara Thompson made sure Team Eagle was ready for CANstruction Build Day the next morning.


Build Day

Food Donated

  • 3,176 cans

  • 545 bags of meal starter kits

  • 451 boxes of Jell-O

  • 255 boxes of tea

  • 42 boxes of cornbread

  • 4 boxes of instant potatoes


Build Day Team


​Eagle Commercial Construction


  • Nathan Blinn

  • Cassidy Brown

  • Clemens Zobel

  • Yena Wang

  • Rowan Blalock-Bassett

  • Skandha Upadhyay

Eagle Construction of VA

  • Melissa Peay

  • Kendall Ott

  • Emily Ryker

  • Clara Thompson

Historic St. John's Church Foundation

  • Sarah Whiting



  • Structural Integrity

  • People's Choice

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