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ACAC Fitness & Wellness Center @ West Broad Village

> Project Name:

   ACAC Fitness & Wellness Center at West

   Broad Village

> Owner:

   ACAC Fitness & Wellness Centers

> Eagle Role:

   Preconstruction Manager, Construction Manger (Site

   Work), and Owner's Representative (Building); General

   Contractor (Building); W.M. Jordan Company, Inc.

> Architect:

    Antunovich Associates, Inc.

> Job Size:

   68,944 sf

> Construction Details:

   Construction of a new four-story fitness and wellness

   center including ground level pools, weight rooms, 

   cardio areas, fitness studios, squash courts, rooftop pool

   and lounge, as well as rooftop paddle tennis courts.

   Overall construction duration of 14 months, completed

   December 2012.


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